Wellness break at the O'Balia thermal spa


It is in Balaruc-les-Bains, the first thermal spa in France, that we take you to discover the O'Balia thermal spa. But before telling you more about the treatments that the establishment has in store for you, we're going to take you on a journey back in time.

Balaruc-les-Bains and its thermal water

Indeed, thermalism has been part of the history of the city of Balaruc since Antiquity, and with good reason, as the resort has one of the hottest and most mineralized thermal waters in the Languedoc. 

Rich in bicarbonates and trace elements, it has curative virtues which are used in rheumatology, phlebology and in the recovery of high level sportsmen.
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The Magic of Water

After this short presentation, we continue the dream with the Magic of Water and the Magic of Hands that O'Balia can boast of, the first thermal spa in the Mediterranean that combines the benefits of thermal water in two complementary areas that are the pool area and the spa area. 

Snuggled up in your bathrobe, come and slip into the thermal water pools at 34°C and take advantage of the various facilities at your disposal: large sensory pool with hydromassage benches, counter-current swimming, hydromassage walkway, whirlpool baths, swan necks, geyser...

Don't miss the sauna and hammam or the Onsen, a Japanese-inspired whirlpool bath nestled in a green setting bathed by a waterfall.

The Magic of Hands

Then let the expert hands of the masseuses lavish you with wraps, scrubs, world rituals, slimming treatments, relaxation massages, targeted anti-stress massages, facials... Couples even have the right to their moment of well-being with a wide range of duo massages. 

For slimming treatments, try :
  • Bodysculptor: "Slimming and firming", this pressotherapy treatment for slimming and well-being by treating all fatty areas with pulsed magnetic fields. 
  • Pressotherapy, a draining treatment for lighter legs. 
  • Slimming modelling. 
Don't miss the Bloomea body and face treatments which refine and smooth the skin, reduce scars and acne after-effects... Or the Tui Na massage, a traditional Chinese massage which combines the essence of Chinese medicine and the theory of the meridians.
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Balaruc Cosmetics

Extend the benefits of your stay in Balaruc-les-Bains by bringing back in your luggage the cosmetic care for the face and the body formulated with thermal water!

These care products, with their delicious textures and scents, designed and manufactured in Balaruc-les-Bains, will bring radiance, comfort and freshness to your skin and will give your beauty rituals a holiday flavour. 

You can find this complete range of care products : 
  • in the reception offices of the Intercommunal Tourist Office 
  • at the thermal baths of Balaruc-les-Bains
  • at the O'Balia thermal spa
  • and on line on the website: www.balaruc-cosmetique.com
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