History of the Balaruc-les-Bains spa


Balaruc-les-Bains is the leading spa in France and has been scientifically recognised for the quality of its thermal water since the 16th century. It welcomes more than 52,000 spa visitors every year. The new establishment, inaugurated in 2015, is in the heart of the spa town on an exceptional site on the Balaruc peninsula with its 5 pools offering a view of the Thau Lagoon and Mount Saint-Clair.
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Thermalism, always more modern and human, gives the spirit to this new environment offering a quality of reception and optimum comfort to meet the new challenges of health. It is also equipped with a space dedicated to therapeutic education and health promotion.
The thermal baths have a dual therapeutic orientation in rheumatology and phlebology, and include seven treatment sectors, four of which are dedicated to the application of thermal mud over a 16,000 m² area.  The evolution of the treatment offer also allows for the diversification of the treatment of chronic lumbago, chronic venous insufficiency and venous pathologies, as well as treatments for high-level sportsmen and women and free cures.
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Anecdote: The hot water bath has always relaxed the body and mind of Man in search of benefits, we go back 460 BC, with the Goddess Athena and the god Heracles called Hercules the famous prodigy, who came to Balaruc to go to the Hesperides garden. According to the myth, Athena made several hot springs gush out so that Heracles could rest after his work, hence the names of the old Athena and Hesperides baths built between 1969 and 1987.